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Planning IELTS essays and finding ideas

This lesson looks at how planning better can help you write better essays. I focus in particular on “ideas” – something that catches many candidates out. The two key points are that the ideas you need to write an IELTS essay are fairly simple and it helps to make a difference between ideas, reasons and examples.

Problem 1 – not enough ideas 观点不够

BBINAPP下载This is one of most common reasons for candidates to go wrong in the writing paper. They see a question. Try to think of ideas. Come up empty and panic. You will find part of my solution to this below. For now, I will just say that you need very few ideas to write a good essay and those ideas can be simple ideas too. Don’t buy a book on ideas for essays, instead learn this tip:

Tip – you need only 2 ideas to write an essay and those ideas are often found in the question

BBINAPP下载Problem 2 – the ideas are confused 观点混淆

This is also a very common mistake. There are plenty of ideas to write an essay. The problem is that the reader/examiner does not know what the main ideas are.

Tip – make sure you have one main idea per paragraph. This should be clear from the first sentence of the paragraph

Problem 3 – too many ideas 观点太多

Yes, some people do have too many ideas. This is a trap for candidates aiming for a high score. In particular, if they are used to writing academic essays. IELTS is a 250 word essay marked on language. That means it is probably much shorter than you are used to and there are no marks for quality and quantity of ideas.

BBINAPP下载Tip – select only enough ideas to write a complete essay – that means one per paragraph

Finding ideas for essays 怎么确定观点呐?

BBINAPP下载Step 1 – understand the difference between ideas, reasons and examples 区分观点、原因、例子的区别

BBINAPP下载When I ask my students in a class for “ideas”, they quite often stare at me in silence. When I ask them the question “why” or ask them to give me an example, they (normally!) have plenty to say. That should tell you there is a difference between ideas, reasons (why) and examples. The good news is ideas are not the problem in IELTS, what you need are reasons and examples. They are normally much easier to find.

BBINAPP下载A paragraph is one idea: supported with reasons and examples. You only need two ideas.

BBINAPP下载Step 2 – learning where to find ideas for essays?试着从疑问里找观点

BBINAPP下载The ideas you need for an essay are nearly always found in the question. They are typically so big that you think they are too easy to be a real idea. That’s the trap. What do I mean? Take this example:

Human activit

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